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Pirate International Sex Guide: Japan

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Prostitution in Okinawa: there is alot of buy me a drink bar in Koza just outside of Kadena Airforce Base. The girls are Philipino.
    ***   29 Palm - Lots of friendly girls. Coke on the rum cost $3 USD. The room is hot but the fan is turn toward you if ask. For $150 USD the girl will take you to the back of the bar and have sex with you.
Prostitution in Kure, Japan There are many suck bar in the downtown sex district. There is also one buy me a drink bar staff by Philipino girls
    *     There is a pink bar near downtown shoping district of Kure. When you get upstair a man will put you in a sofa with shower like curtain. Then he will call you a girl. You can negotiate price with the girl. As with any deal with Japanese girl is going to be more than $100 USD for straight sex.

Prostitution in Tokyo, Japan: When you get off of Sinjuku train station keep walking and you will come across Tokyo sex district. There are many pink bar to choose from.
    *     For about $40 USD you can get a hand job from a 40 years old Italian girl. She speak English very well and will lie to you that she is 29 years old. You also get a shower but it's self service.
Prostitution in Yokohama: Get off at Hinocheo train station and walk across the street. There you will find many sex house. Most of these bar are Japanese only. the price are $45 for a blow job and $170 for sex. When you go in the Mama son will show you a picture of the girl body but not the face. There is also a list of menu for you can get.

Prostitution in Yokosuka: There are many pink bar near Yokosuka train station.

Pirate International Sex Guide: Japan